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Learn about some of the new control modes and options in Arena Commander 0.9.2!

Greetings Citizen

The FPS team is no longer REDACTED. Illfonic has been hard at work creating the FPS module and now they can share their work with every Citizen in the ‘Verse. A key component of the Star Citizen universe has been revealed. We are proud to introduce one of the teams working hard to make the ‘Verse a reality.

Good-Old-Games ( has released the Special Editions of the classic X-Wing and Tie-Fighter games! Knowing that this series was a favorite for many of our members I thought it should be announced here. 

These Special Editions include the original expansion packs and updated graphics (still old SGVA release). GOG has released these games at $9.99 each. This includes their standard software packaging that encapsulates the DOS background configurations, requiring no extra effort on the gamer's part. 

Giles a Also note that GOG provides PDF files of all the original manuals and other boxed documents for old games.
Giles a These were some of my favorite games. The second mission in X-Wing you get a A-Wing to go scout an Imperial convoy (no m ...

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Star Trek Axanar

Giles a posted Aug 20, 14
For those who haven't yet seen this, check out the new fan film coming soon, Star Trek Axanar. There are quite a few actors in this film that you may notice from other series like Battlestar Galactica and even some of the original Star Trek movies. You can watch a 20 minute video below that is the Prelude to Axanar.