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Win 5 games before March 31st at 9pm PDT and receive a free Mech Bay to store those spare Mechs that haven't got a home. No opt-in required, win your matches with your friends or drop solo. After completing the 5 wins you'll receive your new Mech Bay automatically.

The InnerSphere needs all the defenders it can get! This offer is available to old and new players alike, so be sure to grab your friends and have them join us in the Mech-blasting mayhem for this rare chance at grabbing a Mech Bay for free!

Check 6 on Diablo III

Giles a posted Mar 5, 14

Many of our  members have been playing Diablo III for quite some time now so it is only fitting that we assemble our clan! You can send a request to join our in-game community to Check 6 or contact IronMercer (Giles). 

Also be sure to check out the new features that have arrived with patch 2.0.1 and now until the release of the Reaper of Souls expansion all characters are receiving +50% experience! See the video posted on our new Dialbo 3 Operations page for details on what the new patch brings.

The Reaper of Souls expansion is set to release on March 25, 2014.  
You can preorder here

Giles a Also Note: The Diablo III Auction House will be permanently removed from the game on 18 MARCH 2014! If you had items on ...
Well MWO UI 2.0 is here......


FRNDZROADKILL posted Dec 25, 13
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