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From August 15th to August 17th take part in the "Golden battles" and earn up to 1000 Golden Eagles!

Also until August 17th you have an opportunity to:

  • use x4 RP gain bonus for the first victory for all nations
  • complete special tasks, earn up to 3 150 000 Silver Lions and premium vehicles of ranks 3 and 4:
    • German Army - Pz.Bfw. Jagdpanther
    • USSR Army - Su-122P
    • USSR Airforce - P-63A-10
    • Japanese Airforce - Fw.190 A-5
    • German Airforce - La-5FN
    • British Royal Airforce - Mustang Mk.IA
    • US Airforce - Spitfire Mk. IX
Overkill has been pretty steadily releasing new content for Payday 2 and they have no signs of slowing down. 

The Payday 2 community on Steam has exceeded 1.2 million members and as a reward to players the upcoming Hoxton Character Pack DLC will be free! There are additional DLC releases planned that will be free as the community membership continues to grow. So if you haven't joined the Steam Payday 2 community, please do so! Once you join you will receive quite a few goodies that have already been released. 

Version 32 came out this past month and with it the Judge Shotgun (it looks like a pistol) was given for free to all accounts along with a bundle of money that can be used as a melee weapon. That's right, slap your opponent with a wad of cash! 

Version 33 released today and includes numerous bug/exploit fixes but most important new options to optimize your network access. 

Now the big news....Overkill has announced they are going to use the Payday 2 game design to release a Walking Dead game! You can see the announcement trailer below. With this announcement Payday 2 has also released for free to all players a baseball bat melee weapon that is the notorious "Lucille" from the Walking Dead comic series.  

Star Trek Delta Rising!

Giles a posted Aug 7, 14

The next Star Trek Online expansion, Delta Rising, has been announced and will release this October! There will plenty of changes announced over the coming weeks but here is what has been stated so far:
  • Level Cap raised to 60
  • New character specializations
  • New advanced starships
  • Explore the Delta Quadrant
  • Introduction of the Talaxians, Ocampa, Kazon, and more.
The announcement was made at Star Trek Las Vegas and you can watch that here: 

August Game News

Giles a posted Aug 1, 14
August launches some in game bonuses and events for several of our games! See you on the battlefield! 

World of Tanks 9.2 is coming and August brings x5 XP this weekend and a free tank/plane. 


Star Trek Online this weekend has a +50% XP to the new crafting system and a 25% increase to crafting drops! 

Neverwinter Module 4: Tyranny of Dragons is set to launch on 14 August! 

War Thunder

From 12:30 GMT July 31st to 12:30 GMT August 6th
Missions to get premium tanks Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. N and T-34-57 is available today!
Destroy 90 player controlled vehicles while playing tanks or tank destroyers of USSR or Germany and get a premium tank of the respective nation.

From 02:00 to 06:00 GMT and from 16:00 to 20:00 GMT August 2nd and 3rd
x1.5 Silver Lions gain for all vehicles in each battle.

From 00:01 GMT August 1st to 00:01 GMT August 4th
30% Discount for modifications.
From 02:00 to 06:00 GMT and from 16:00 to 20:00 GMT August 9th and 10th
x2 RP gain in each battle

From August 4th to August 10th  
Missions to get A6M2 (USA), Wellington Mk.I (Germany), I-16 type 28, Boomerang Mk.I, Bf.109 E-3 (Japan) premium aircraft.
The mission details will be announced later, you can complete several missions and get different aircraft.

  From August 8th to August 10th
Discount event! (terms to be announced).
From August 11 to August 17th 
Missions to get premium vehicles: Pz.Bfw. Jagdpanther(Germany), Su-122P(USSR), P-63A-10 (USSR), Fw.190 A-5 (Japan), La-5-Fn (Germany), Mustang Mk.IA (Britain), Spitfire Mk. IX  (USA).
The mission details will be announced later, you can complete several missions and get different vehicles.

From August 11 to August 17th
x4 RP gain for the first victory for all Nations.

From August 15th to August 17th
Discount event! (terms to be announced).

From August 15th to August 17th
Golden Battles! Earn up to 1000 ! The terms are yet to be announced.
Follow the "Summer Madness!" timeline, and you won't miss out on these awesome events! 

See you on the battlefield!
Drak a Added War Thunder Summertime Madness

100th Anniversary of WWI

Giles a posted Jul 28, 14
Please take a moment of silence today for the fallen. Today marked the 100th Anniversary of the outbreak of The Great War, World War I. 

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