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Greetings my Friends and Qapla' my Brothers and Sisters,

it is time to take a look how far we have come. And I must admit, I am very impressed. We quickly progress in the development of our starbase(s) and the connected holdings. Your attitude and participation in the daily fleet life make our Fleet a fleet I am proud to be a part of. Now let us turn together towards the challenges we have to face with the new Delta Rising expansion of the game.

Finishing the FED-Starbase:

We are literally on the last mile before we finally will finish our Starbase - the Aegis. With joint efforts we can start with the upgrade in early 2015! Our success has a little side-effect. With the exception of the duty officers, the projects get quickly filled. This makes it difficult to contribute other resources to generate fleet credits. These are the steps we can make to ease this situation:

1) Mind the needs of our others members. Donate only as many fleet marks as you need to ensure your own supply of fleet credits. Save the rest, you will get a chance to contribute these later.
2) To open an additional possibility to generate fleet credits, we will constantly queue an additional project next to the main projects for the Starbase.
3) You can find a guide how to generate duty officers at [1]. They can be contributed to get you fleet credits. And while you do so, we progress faster towards T5.
4) Help with the Starbase; every little bit helps. Once we reach T5, we can offer projects to contribute all of your fleet marks, which you might have saved.

The KDF-Starbase and holdings are not affected by this problems at the moment!


Work together with the crafting system and gear upgrades. Come to the forums or ask ingame for members with high tier R&D experience in order to get your hands on the much needed tech upgrades. We are a fleet and we don't have to do this alone. We will have access to the new high end gear faster, if we collaborate on this.

Keep on the good work everyone!

Best Regards
(Fleet Marshal)

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++ Fleet News Bulletin - May ++

Greetings my friends,

eventually summer has arrived, the new season is running and we have hard to fight to keep the Undine contained. I have seen numerous reports of valiant ship- and ground actions led by various elements of THE 300. Especially in such dark times the whole galaxy relies on battle-proven and loyal veterans like we have in THE 300. That said, please look out for your feelow fleet mates who have not the experience or gear and give them all support we can muster. My new position as Fleet Advisor allows me to more engage in fleet activities and I also am very happy to see many new members flocking to our banner.

Risa Beach Party
Save the Date!
Join Star Trek Online Community Manager, CaptainSmirk this Friday 5/9 from 12 PM/Noon until 1PM PDT, and again from 4PM until 5 PM PDT (click here for the 1st timeslot or the 2nd timeslot for your timezone) for a relaxing day of lounging in the sun and splashing in the waves on everyone's favorite tropical paradise, the pleasure planet of Risa! If you haven't been to Risa there is no excuse to not attend - all Captains should give their crew some shoreleave.  See you at the party and do not forhet to get dressed for the occasion.

All Hands Fleet Meeting May 2014
This Saturday, the 10th of May 2014 we will hold the next All Hands Fleet Meeting. Again all our members (FED + KDF) and allied Ambassadors are invited to join us to discuss the latest developments in fleet and game. While you can apply for promotions and take an active part in the fleet, it is also the perfect opportunity to meet your fellow fleet mates. Please check the draft agenda and your local starting time here!

New Patrol Escort - Tempest Class (FED)
Fresh from the Utopia Planetia Shipyards we will soon see one of the all-time favourite tactical ships reemerging in a new design. The Patrol Escorts were envisioned as escorts with an engineering bent. The Patrol Escort Refit: Tempest Class improves on those original designs with greatly improved Bridge Officer seating, a 5th Tactical Console slot, and additional aft firepower that will give Tempest captains new options in combat and a Nadion Saturation Bomb.

The Patrol Escort Refit: Tempest Class also comes with the Aft-Firing Tempest Tail Gun. This unique dual cannon is set up to fire on targets in the rear 90 degree arc of the Patrol Escort, and defaults to the Rapid Fire I firing mode. Like other cannons, the Aft-Firing Tempest Tail Gun can be modified by Scatter Volley and higher rank Rapid Fire bridge officer abilities. The Aft-Firing Tempest Tail Gun is fused to its own slot and does not fill one of the ships three aft weapons slots. It cannot be removed.

There is currently a Fleet Patrol Escort available in the in-game ship store at THE AEGIS, our Fleet Starbase. That ship will be retired and no longer available.  It will be replaced with the new Fleet Patrol Escort Refit. Like all Fleet ships, the new Fleet Patrol Escort Refit enjoys additional Hit Points and shields, as well as a bonus console slot – in this case, a 3rd Engineering console slot. The Fleet Patrol Escort does not come with the Nadion Saturation Bomb console item, but it does come equipped with a 4th aft weapon slot, fused with the Aft Tempest Tail Gun. While the standard Tempest will be available via the ZenStore, the Fleet version will be available at our shipyards - I expect the Nadion Saturation Bomb to be either usable for all ships or at least also the fleet variant, along with the usual discount on fleet modules when you already have the zen version.
I hope to see you all at the Beach Party and of course at the Fleet Meeting, see you in Tau Dewa and Clear Skies to you, Captain!

Mary Lene Drake
Fleet Advisory Council
Fleet Operations Central Command

STO Dilithium Event Weekend!

Giles a posted May 1, 14

STO is now running a special weekend event where you can earn bonus Dilithium Ore by playing content throughout the game! This event runs from May 1st until Monday, May 5th, 2014 at 10AM PDT.

During the event, bonus Dilithium Ore will be provided for the following content:

  • Vlugta Asteroid Field:
    • 100% Bonus Dilithium Ore for Daily Mining Missions
    • 100% Bonus to all Rich Dilithium Claims
  • Fleet Dilithium Mine:
    • 100% Bonus Dilithium Ore for Daily Mining Missions
  • Everywhere else in the game: (including turning in Marks/Neural Processors/Cybernetic Implants, etc.)
    • 50% Bonus Dilithium Ore

STO Season 9!

Giles a posted Apr 30, 14
STO Season 9 launched on 22 April. Join The 300 in exploring this new content! 

Here are some highlights on what is new: 
  • Player Kits have been revamped and you can now add modules to them.
  • Earth Spacedock has been redesigned
  • The character Traits and Reputation Power system has been revamped. 
  • New Reputation progression for 8472 Counter-Command (Anti-Undine)
  • Addition of a Dyson Sphere Undine Battlezone
  • Undine Assault Queued Event (Level 50+)
  • Undine Infiltration ground STF (Level 50+)
  • Undine Viscous Cycle space STF (Level 50+)
  • Revamped Borg and Undine mission episodes, including new item rewards!
  • ...and much more
The full season release notes can be read at this link

Just in case you have been away for a while, here is a great video to get you caught up on the story leading up to Season 9: 

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Greetings my friends,

now on the 4th Anniversary of THE 300 we look back on a long history in Star Trek Online, being one of the first fleets in game we are still a force to reckoned with - and most important: we are on a good course for a prospering future.

It was about 2.5 years ago when I was called to step in Giles' footsteps as Fleet Marshal of THE 300. I had two primary objectives on my agenda. First i wanted to improve the inner fleet communication across all ranks, thus opening up our community for new members and ideas and secondly I wanted to make sure that we will be able to take full advantage of the (new) holding system. Today we see those ideas implemented, our fleet has as much members as never before and our fleet holdings are nearly completed on FED while members move between ranks more freely.
This was no easy task and all of you have shared the burden in good and bad times, it's safe to say that we would not be at this point if we would not have supported each other in every possible way. Without all your support, advice and suggestions the fleet's development in the last 2 years would not have been possible. Thank you all very much for your endless dedication, loyality and support. Especially my fellow FOCCOM members who supported me in every possible way!

Seeing my agenda now completed, this makes it the perfect time for me to step down from my position as Fleet Marshal and transfer to the Fleet Advisory Council. It was a honour to serve among such fine women and men! However that does not mean I will be 'gone' - in contrast: expect me to be still around to join you with missions and support you with anything.

THE 300 is one of the finest fleets in game and it deserves the best leadership it can get, I feel it is a perfect opportunity for our fleet's next step into a glorious future. I am very happy to announce that the Fleet Operational and Tactical Command has decided in an unanymous vote on THE 300's new leadership.

I congratulate our new Fleet Marshal Niazra (@tomaito1) and our new Vice Marshal Mabel (@NoraaNeab)! Please give both all your support as you did for me, both already did a great job at their former TACCOM positions and have kept the fleet running in the last months.

Also I would like to invite you all to the first All Hands Fleet Meeting under the new leadership of Fleet Marshal Niazra and Vice Marshal Mabel on the 15th of March 2014 at 02:30pm LA / 05:30pm NY / 10:30pm UK / 11:30pm GER. Details will be announced on the website and in-game event tab soon.

Again I would like to thank you all for making THE 300 the awesome, friendly and prospering fleet it is! I wish Niazra and Mabel all the best for their new positions, please help them to achieve the best for our community.

Kind Regards

Mary Lene Drake
Fleet Advisory Council
Fleet Marshal, retired
Fleet Operations Central Command