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15% Bonus Zen Weekend

Posted Thu at 14:00
We have exciting news for this weekend! Captains will be able to enjoy a 15% bonus on purchased ZEN! Now is the perfect opportunity with our 15% Key Sale! With the Xindi-Terrestrial Lock Box now available, we're giving Captains these bon...

Delta Recruitment - Week 4!

Posted Thu at 12:05
The Delta Recruitment event continues! Delta Recruits are making their way through the various missions and part of that progress includes joining a fleet. Once a Delta Recruit joins a fleet – and gains the great head-start package fr...

Release Notes: April 23rd 2015

Posted Wed at 19:44
General:   “Blood of Ancients”: Resolved an issue where the player and Captain Kagren are sometimes stuck in the ground in the first cut scene. Resolved an issue where two music tracks were playing at the same time in the b...

Tales of the War #1

Posted Wed at 15:00
Stardate 87305.1 – Two days after the start of the invasion Quinn felt the tension rising behind his eyes, and it was only 0900 hours. He needed another raktajino. He sighed and picked up the PADD on his desk again, avoiding looking ...

Release Notes: April 22nd 2015

Posted Tue at 20:18
General: Resolved an issue which would occasionally cause maps to crash. Resolved an issue which was blocking players from being able to apply the new Xindi lockbox Bridge Officer powers Kemocite-Laced Weaponry, Structural Integrity ...