Ailon Nova Guard
The Ailon Nova Guard firmly believes in the survival of the fittest and has accumulated many battle honors consistent with their high standards. Ailon is renowned for its fearlessness and has often been compared in battle prowess to the Mandalorians. Roughly 13,000 years ago Ailon joined the Republic under the administration of Supreme Chancellor Affeltelti. However, the Nova Guard remains separate from the Republic Army as a special combat detachment.

"I could break you in a hundred places and kill you in a thousand ways. Yet your territory is vast and your power immense. The Nova Guard will serve you.”
 – High Marshal Raumpf to Supreme Chancellor Affeltelti

About the Guild

The Ailon Nova Guard is Republic Guild for the MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic. The guild is currently holding open recruitment; we are looking for mature and experienced gamers. The guild will focus on all aspects of the game: PVP, PVE, and RP. We are kicking off with a core group of gamers from other mmo's but we are always interested in new blood!
We did launch the guild as part of the pre-game launch at the Bioware guild site.

Nova Guard Guild Ranks

  • Guardsman (Member)
  • Colonel (Guild Officer)
  • Field Marshal (Guild Leader)