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Now we're talking proper maps for Battlefield. Dice is touting this map as the largest ever (at least since BF2).

The world focused around Battlefield 3 DLC has been oddly quiet up until today. After months of planned DLC, the community received very little in terms of news and what to expect, but today EA released information concerning three new DLC packs. 

In June, take the battle indoors with our new themed expansion pack Battlefield 3: Close Quarters! This will be followed by all-out vehicle warfare in Battlefield 3: Armored Kill, featuring the biggest map in Battlefield history. Read on for the very first details about these upcoming expansion packs and more.

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters

The first expansion pack, titled "Close Quarters" is expected to be released this coming June. The pack will feature maps focused on close quarters combat, think Grand Bazaar and Operation Metro. There will be some added perks like "high definition destruction", which in turn provides a highly destructible environment. It will also come with more weapons, assignments, and dog-tags for Battlefield 3.

We are happy to announce the first details on our June expansion pack Battlefield 3: Close Quarters. As the battlefield moves indoors, we will drop you into frantic and relentless infantry combat where the tight level design and vertical gameplay creates a highly competitive environment.

By introducing high definition destruction, everything from furniture to plaster can be shot to pieces, and rubble and broken pieces will pile up on the floor as the battle rages on. Like all of our themed expansion packs, this is much more than just new maps, as we also include new weapons, Assignments, and dog tags to bring back to the base game — much in the same way as we did for Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand.

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill

Sometime in Fall 2012 is when we'll see the next DLC pack, Armored Kill. This pack will focus strictly on vehicle combat (land combat). Expect massive maps, endless amounts of vehicles, and tons of Battlefield 3 scenery powered by Frostbite 2. This pack will also bring in the goodies like unlocks, assignments, and dog-tags.

This fall will see some truly epic all-out vehicle warfare in our third expansion pack, Battlefield 3: Armored Kill. Featuring new drivable tanks, ATV’s, mobile artillery, and more — and to top it off, the biggest map in Battlefield history.

Battlefield 3: End Game

The last piece of DLC for 2012 will be End Game. Nothing is known about this DLC as of now. (Maybe a new game-mode?)

The trailer for Close Quarters will be coming out next week, so keep your eyes here for more information concerning Battlefield 3 DLC. Console players are also getting a new feature, rented servers. Console players will now be able to have their own servers, so playing games with friends and clan-mates will be easier then ever before. PS3 players will also get these Battlefield 3 DLC packs one week early, per an agreement between EA and Sony.
From the official BF3 blog:

Battlefield 3 anti-cheat measures intensify

In our continued effort to minimize cheating in Battlefield 3, we recently banned another batch of several hundred confirmed cheaters based on your reports and our player behavior data.

At DICE, we will never tolerate cheaters. Life on the battlefield can be harsh, especially when you’re up against the fantastic flying duo. But it should never be a case of you losing because someone is outright cheating.

We have always taken cheating seriously. Starting today, we will further intensify our efforts to hunt down and rid Battlefield 3 of cheaters. Stats wiping and banning this disruptive minority is the only way they will understand that they are ruining the game for others. We do this for the millions of dedicated players out there who deserve a fair game, every game.

If you believe you have been the victim of outright cheating, the best way to report your concerns is to go to Battlelog, enter the profile page of the person you suspect and click the triangle in the top right corner of his name. 

This will open up a window where you can describe to us at DICE what happened. Please enter as much detail as possible, describing what specifically makes you believe this player has used unfair methods, and preferably include a link to the Battle Report for the match in question.

These reports are then received by our analysts here at DICE who will do a deeper analysis of the situation and take appropriate action, including stats wiping and/or banning players who are confirmed as cheating.

Reducing the number of cheaters is an ongoing endeavor, and one that we will never stop. Thanks for your co-operation, and see you on the battlefield!

Followup report looks like this when you submit a request:



We would like you to know that we received your petition and are currently investigating it. Due to our Privacy Policy, we cannot contact you concerning the outcome of the investigation, but please rest assured that we will take appropriate action. 

You can read the Terms of Service for Electronic Arts Online by going to the following web address:

Customer Support
Electronic Arts, Inc.
So "Back to Karkand" was just recently released and has garnered wide spread praise by the games population, so what's next for BF3 ? I have read from the developers that Battlefield 3 is set to have 3 times the DLC as Bad Company 2 did, BFBC2 had 7 so that would make 21 DLC's!!!

In a press conference not long ago, EA's Frank D. Gibeau stated that "the next 6 months is to have a very robust set of expansion packs." 

Reading the forums players have been spotting potential hints (easter eggs) towards possible DLC.

Default shipping labels with a shipping address of NYC have been spotted by player Potterike, New York is rumored to be a set of future Battlefield 3 content, another gamer, didiMau has found the numbers "2143" printed on a crate on Wake Island.

One can only wonder what that might mean, but DICE has placed similar things such as in the Battlefield 2: Armored Fury booster pack, there was a car with a license plate reading "2142″. At the time that number might not have been significant, it ended up being a hint at a future reveal: Battlefield 2142

BF2143 has been a topic by gamers on various forums but once Battlefield 3 came out the discussion died down until the picture above was spotted, so is DICE hinting at something for BF3. Maybe a possible return of BF 2142 via DLC using the Frostbite 2 game engine aka 2143 ? 

One can also wonder, since BF 1943 for PC was cancelled and only released on PS3 and X-Box 360, might that also be another DLC pack for PC ?

Things look to be quite interesting and intriguing to say the least, I for one can't wait !