The following are expected codes of conduct for all guild members. Violation of any of these articles or activity counter to the spirit of these guidelines may result in dismissal from the guild.

All guild members are reminded that your conduct reflects upon  your fellow guild members. The articles in the Code of Conduct are in place to ensure that member conduct does not tarnish the guild's reputation, drive away other members, or perpetuate rude behavior.

Act with grace under pressure and rise the better person over your peers.


1. Use of game hacks are strictly prohibited.

2. Creating intentional network lag for the purpose of producing game exploits is strictly prohibited.

3. Purposely not assisting other players when in a group is strictly prohibited (i.e. getting killed on purpose, being idle while others do the work, bugging the mission, or taking other action to fail the mission).

4. Written or verbal insults against any player are prohibited. Excessive profanity, verbal abuse or ranting on the voice server or in game chat is prohibited. If you feel the need to rant, speak with a guild officer.

5. Saying or doing anything just to upset or otherwise harass someone is prohibited. If someone is harassing or being rude to you, do not retaliate. Take a screen shot of any chat text, report them to a game administrator and a guild officer, then simply place them on ignore.

6. If you are doing group missions or PVP you must transfer to an appropriate private channel on our voice server, even if you are the only ones currently online (others may login to the server). This courteous behavior will prevent conflicts and unintended cross-chatter during your activities.

7. If a group is in a private voice channel do not jump into their channel to snoop or interrupt their activity. If you are interested in joining their conversation ask to remain there, otherwise respect their privacy and leave the channel. Please realize that most often the group is on a mission and are not interested in general chat even if they are too polite to bluntly state such. Those in common rooms are open to chatter. 

8. Theft of game items or currency from any player, group or bank is strictly prohibited. Violators will be reported to game administrators for account banning.

9. Members who use guild banks are expected to regularly deposit extra items or currency. Take a penny, leave a penny. This ensures that banks are used as an exchange for our members and remains stocked.

The Strike Procedure
If a member breaks any of the rules of the Code of Conduct or the spirit of those rules, then the member will go through a series of "strikes”, each increasing in severity.

Primary Reasons to receive a strike are included but not limited to these examples:
  •     Flaming
  •     Trolling
  •     General abusive behavior
  •     Violation of the Code of Conduct
  •     Violation of other rules that apply to specific games

Strikes are escalated in severity as seen below
Strike 1: Verbal Warning.
Strike 2: 1 Week communications ban from Check6, including any voice communication.
Strike 3: Removal from Check6 (and therefore also The 300).

Handing out strikes
Strikes may be dealt by any member from The Executive Council, they will do so if necessary. All strikes will be recorded for fleet security.

Disputing a strike
Strikes can be disputed once for each strike. If any member of the Executive Council gives you a strike, you can take it up with any other member of the Executive Council, pls do so on enjin-mail privately. Note that if you do Dispute it, and who you ask agrees with the verdict, you cannot Dispute it further. Also note that pressing the subject further very well may result in further strikes. When you Dispute, any effects of The Strike will be active until a final decision is made.

For our Star Trek Online Fleets THE 300 and Wej Vatlh several additional Rules will apply, please familiarize yourself with those here!