Welcome to The 300!

This page summarizes what we feel you should know about us in your first days here.

  • Everyone is welcome in our fleet regardless of ingame experience, level or faction and your origin from around the world.

  • There are absolutely no dumb questions! Ask us every question you might have - ingame, in the forums or on our voice-chat server.

  • You can take all the time you need to get to know us. We DON'T impose any obligations or responsibilities on anyone who does not want to rise on one of the higher ranks in the fleet.

  • We have a probation period of 30 days from the day you have joined us. After that period you are eligible for your first promotion which will grant you access to our fleet stores and our fleet bank (if you need any item from the fleet bank before your first promotion just ask any officer and he will get it for you). However you should meet the following few conditions:

      • If any of your characters has joined us on the Federation side:
        • You do not have any other characters in any other fleet then "The 300" (Federation) or "Wej Vathl" (KDF)
      • If you only joined us with characters on the KDF side:
        • You do not have any other characters on KDF side in any other fleet then Wej Vathl
      • You have registered on our website/forum (http://the300.net)
      • You have not been black listed or failed a security screening

  • We can invite all your characters into our fleet. We have a fleet on both factions. This invitation also includes all friends of yours!

  • Join our channel "The 300 Fleets" ingame for cross faction communications. You might only reach a smaller portion of our members, if you use the standard ingame channel "Fleet". (Copy "/channel_join The 300 Fleets" into your chat input field without the quotes of course by pressing CTRL+V - the default paste shortcut. Alternatively right click on any chat tab for advanced chat options).

  • There is a lot more to learn from us. But this was enough to read for getting started, wasn't it? :-) The rest will come to you in due time.